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Reykjavík City Nature Guide

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For many, Reykjavík offers the only glimpse into the beauty of Iceland. This guide ensures you won't miss out on the breathtaking nature within the city limits, providing a weekend or stop-over filled with encounters, learning, and experiences.

The eBook, "Reykjavík Guide - A Naturalist's Guide to the City," offers practical insights and Google Maps QR code links, allowing you to discover wildlife, explore museums, take scenic walks, and escape to green spaces and beaches, all without leaving the city hustle. I've also included details about the more traditional landmarks to enhance your Reykjavík experience.

Explore 16 locations with additional details on 20 more provided in the Google Map within this 30-page eBook. Uncover information about travel and safety in the city, a wildlife guide, and an introduction to spotting the Northern Lights.

You will get a PDF (12MB) file